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Explore the charm of Palazzo Rizzitelli, a historical gem in the heart of Barletta suspended between past and present, where the elegance of the sixteenth century blends with the refinement of the nineteenth century.

Every corner of this historic residence reveals a magical atmosphere, in which art, architecture and music embrace each other in a symphony of unparalleled beauty. Within the walls of this noble palace, the magic of theaters finds a timeless reverb. Immerse yourself in the sumptuous decorations that reveal the link with the Curci theater, where dancing putti play musical instruments and floral flowers intertwine in the triangles of the celestial fresco. Aurora, majestic in the central painting, illuminates the heart of this residence with the same elegance that infused the theatrical performances of the past.

Discover the timeless charm of this historic home, where every detail tells a fascinating story and where the passion for music and art intertwine in eternal harmony.

Let yourself be fascinated by the graceful cherubs singing divine melodies, inserted in the frame around the Aurora in the ceiling. These tender musician angels dance in eternity, while musical instruments and floral blossoms adorn the triangles of the ceiling corners, like an explosion of beauty and creativity.

An unparalleled work of art, the Aurora in the central painting illuminates the entire environment with its magical light, transporting you to an unprecedented theatrical atmosphere. Here, the stylistic continuity intertwines with the paintings of the Rizzitelli house, dating back to the period of construction of the S. Ferdinando theater, which later took the name of Curci theater. This indissoluble link between the works of art makes every detail of Palazzo Rizzitelli a source of curiosity and interest.

Enter this historic jewel and let yourself be carried away in a whirlwind of beauty and charm!

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